Eddie Lacy

Over the weekend, we took part in a mock draft with DraftSeason.com, where we were asked to pick for the Green Bay Packers. The pick was Alabama running back Eddie Lacy.

Why? Well, for one Lacy is, by most accounts, the best back in the draft. Frankly, it would also be nice if the Packers didn’t have to figure out who is going to carry the ball for them, for once.

This was our analysis.

This pick goes against form in a couple ways. The Packers haven’t taken a running back this high since taking Brandon Jackson in the second round in 2007. Some people don’t think there’s a running back with a first-round grade. I think Lacy is another Trent Richardson and this pick does stay true to form in that GM Ted Thompson is always unpredictable. The Packers need an every-down guy that can move the pile and Lacy would be a nice complement to Aaron Rodgers.

By the way, Lacy ran for 1,322 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2012. He averaged 6.5 per carry.

You can see the full mock draft here and then blame me for not taking someone else, which I’ll surely take into account the next time I participate in this exercise.