Greg Jennings Lambeau Leap

Well holy hell, Batman! Greg Jennings days with the Green Bay Packers were as good as over a week ago. His house is on the market. The team didn’t franchise him. The money he wants is outrageous.

None of that matters now!

The Packers are reportedly still in the mix for Jennings and, just as we predicted, they’re in that mix with the dirtbag Minnesota Vikings, according to Alex Marvez.

Further, Rob Demovsky says if Jennings doesn’t have a deal by midnight, he could be back with the Packers. The operative word there is could.

If the Packers didn’t want to franchise Jennings — the franchise tag would have cost a little over $10 million for 2013 — they probably don’t want to pay him that much per year in a new contract. The Vikings, meanwhile, reek of desperation after trading away Percy Harvin.

Then again, the Vikings always reek of something, but that’s beside the point right now. They’re definitely more likely than the Packers to offer Jennings something in the neighborhood of the five-year, $65 million deal Mike Wallace just signed in Miami.

Would Jennings take that blood money, put a smile on his face and pretend Christian Ponder is a good quarterback? We’ll find out soon.

The Packers are probably only still in the mix because Miami chose Wallace over Jennings and because, well, Aaron Rodgers > Ponder… by a wide, wide margin.

The point is, they’re still in the mix, so that’s something.