Christian Ponder

There’s a better than good chance Greg Jennings is leaving the Green Bay Packers when free agency officially opens and the Minnesota Vikings seemed like the logical landing spot. That is, until yesterday.

Speaking with USA Today Sports, Jennings listed good quarterback play as one of his top priorities for a new team. So that pretty much rules out the Vikings.

“Coaching means a lot, the dynamic of the team,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “To me, the quarterback means a lot, if they have one or not, and I have to make sure my family is comfortable.”

We’d say the Vikings don’t have one.

I mean, in reality, they do — his name is Christian Ponder. He just sucks balls. So if Jennings is serious, then the Vikings are out. Of course, money talks and we doubt Jennings is going to turn down a chance to be overpaid by a desperate team like Minnesota.

In that case, he can just say something like, “Christian Ponder is a solid up-and-coming passer.” And then we’ll all slap our knees and double over in laughter.

You think we’re just making fun of Mr. Samantha Steele because he’s on the Vikings, don’t you?

No. He’s really terrible. Check this out.

Ponder started all 16 games in 2012 and he threw for just 2,935 yards. How can a quarterback in today’s pass-happy NFL start all of his team’s games and not eclipse 3,000 yards? Well, he has to be really¬†bad.

Consider, 11 guys threw for more than 4,000 yards in 2012. How about some other stats?

Ponder was 25th in rating, 31st in yards per attempt, 23rd in touchdown passes and 31st in yards per game.

So we’re now making the St. Louis Rams the favorite for Jennings.