Matt Cassel

The Minnesota Vikings signed quarterback Matt Cassel yesterday after he was released by the Chiefs, who happened to be 2-14 in 2012, and they’re pretty pumped about it.

And why not? This is a guy who threw six touchdowns and only 12 picks in 2012. He is clearly freakin’ awesome! So awesome, they’re going to let him compete with the equally awesome Christian Ponder for the PT!


Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse for the Vikings!

The official Vikings Twitter account sent out this sweet career highlights graphic for Cassel today, welcoming him to the fold.

Really. Check out those impressive nuggets!

Kansas City once acquired him via trade? Impressive!

He earned his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2010? One of many to come!

The Vikings signed him in 2013? You’ve reached the pinnacle now, Matt!

(Via Deadspin, click the image for larger version)