Steven Jackson

The Green Bay Packers have been connected to soon-to-be-former St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson more than once. They even tried to trade for him.

Apparently the Packers still covet Jackson, even though he’s about to be 30. Buried at the bottom of this article about the Atlanta Falcons free agent wish list is the nugget that the birds will have competition for Jackson from, among others, the Packers.

Jackson is also reportedly coveted by Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Green Bay.

We’re about to see just how much the Packers really covet Jackson, if at all. He’s one of the more high-profile players that will hit the free agent market today. Those types of players usually have deals before the first weekend of free agency is over.

If the Packers really want to join the conversation, Ted Thompson will have to go against form. Traditionally, that has meant standing around with the proverbial thumb in the ass until there are only free agent scraps left. That strategy won’t work if the Packers really want Jackson.

Should they want Jackson?

Well, Jackson is a big name who’s rushed for 1,000 yards in eight straight seasons. However, he’ll be 30 in July and running backs have been known to fall off the production cliff when they turn 30. The Rams were going to put Jackson in a part-time role in 2013 if he hadn’t voided the final year of his contract.

Obviously, he’s a short-term solution, but the Packers could probably find worse short-term solutions.