Chris Canty

The Green Bay Packers brought in free agent defensive end Chris Canty on Thursday, showed him around and then sent him on his merry way.

Apparently, the Packers thought Canty would be so wowed by their stadium, operation, staff, etc. that he’d offer to play for them for free because they didn’t bother to discuss anything related to contract parameters. Either that, or he’s completely washed up and undeserving of a spot on an NFL roster.

Canty concluded his visit with the Packers Thursday, but his agent, Brad Blank, said there were no negotiations and that he probably wouldn’t talk with team officials until tomorrow to see what they were thinking.

Canty, who was released by the New York Giants in a salary cap move, is seen by some as a perfect fit for Dom Capers‘ defense. Even though he’s 30, he had three productive seasons for the Giants, although the last one was limited by injuries.

More importantly, Canty is a prototype 3-4 defensive end. He’s big (6-7, 317), has long arms and can occupy multiple blockers, much like B.J. Raji and Ryan Pickett. He’d probably step right into a starting role and if he is as advertised, would allow the Packers ho-hum group of inside linebackers to get to the ball more effectively.

Of course, if A.J. Hawk is that linebacker, he’ll just get trucked by the fullback sooner.

Although Canty wouldn’t be a big-time signing, he would help bolster one of the team’s weakest areas. The Packers were very interested in him when he was a free agent prior to the 2009 season. And in true Ted Thompson form, the Packers hemmed and hawed while Canty went to visit the Giants and lost out on his services.

This time around, the Titans, Chiefs and Jaguars are also interested in the big man. He’s already visited the first two of those teams and reportedly received a contract offer from Tennessee.

So you see where this is going, right?

The Packers are going to hem and haw about Canty and one of these other teams is going to sign him.

That is, unless Canty actually wants to play for a contender, because these other teams surely aren’t going anywhere. Then maybe he’ll stand around with his finger up his ass long enough for Big Ted to whip out the checkbook.