Cullen Jenkins

Defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins is open to returning to the Green Bay Packers, according to his agent. And of course he is.

Jenkins has visited four teams since getting released by the Philadelphia Eagles, but hasn’t received a contract offer. So what is his agent going to say? “No. Cullen wouldn’t return to the Packers. They’re a bunch of dicks for letting him leave in the first place.”

Doubtful. The guy wants a contract — probably with anyone who will have him — and this next one will likely be the last contract the 32-year-old gets. So, we get the geniuses at the Press-Gazette stating the obvious for us.

“He wants to go where he’s going to get an opportunity to play and be a part of a team that has a chance to compete for the Super Bowl,” said Brian Levy, Jenkins’ agent. “I think Green Bay provides him with both those opportunities. Plus he’s been there — I don’t think he wanted to leave in the first place.”

The problem for Jenkins is the Packers haven’t shown any interest.

They’ve had defensive end Chris Canty — another cap casualty — in for a visit this week. They’ve also been linked to San Francisco’s Ricky Jean Francois, who’s about to be a free agent.

There’s been no mention of Jenkins.

That leads us to believe Levy called up Pete Dougherty and asked him for a favor.

“Hey, write this story for me so maybe the Packers will consider signing my client.”

Anyway, let’s consider if Jenkins could actually help the Packers. That answer is a resounding probably.

He was effective as an inside rusher when he played for the Packers, at least when he was healthy. Then he went to Philly and recorded 9.5 sacks in two seasons. He also started all 16 games both years.

Oh, a former “injury-prone” guy leaves the Packers for another team and suddenly becomes the picture of health? You’re kidding me! I wonder why that could be?

The Packers clearly need help on the defensive line. That unit was a weakness again in 2012 and they’ll be a man down when the 2013 season starts — Jerel Worthy is expected to miss part of the season with a knee injury.

Jenkins may indeed become an option down the road. Our guess is the Packers would prefer to sign the younger Canty or Francois, though.