Matt Flynn

Poor Matt Flynn. Left the Green Bay Packers to get his shot as a big-time starting quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks and got cheated out of it by some punk rookie. Well, Seattle is trying to move Flynn and it looks like they may have some suitors willing to finally give him his shot.

As you might expect, the teams are all terrible. They are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders, according to Jason La Canfora.

In Jacksonville, Flynn would “compete” with former first-rounder Blaine Gabbert and possibly Chad Henne. And unless his arm got ripped off by a shark, he’d beat those two clowns.

Buffalo has a giant hole at quarterback. They released last season’s starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and currently have former Vikings and Seahawks starter Tarvaris Jackson at the top of the depth chart. Wouldn’t it be funny if the team who had Jackson at the top of their depth chart traded for Matt Flynn two seasons in a row? Poor Tarvaris must have nightmares about Flynn.

Then there’s Oakland and former Packers executive Reggie McKenzie. Reggie has Carson Palmer, who’s scheduled to make $13 million this season and has said he won’t take a pay cut. Reggie is about to show Carson that he will take a pay cut — to zero dollars.

Personally, we think it would be awesome if Flynn were slinging footballs around for the Raiders. McKenzie, who was with the Packers when they drafted Flynn, could be the guy to make it happen.

Word is, the Seahawks will only get a fourth or fifth-round pick for Flynn. That’s a small price to pay for a starting quarterback.