Colt McCoy

The Cleveland Browns would like you to know this. Quarterback Colt McCoy can be yours for the super-low price of a late-round draft pick! Or, you can just wait until they release him.

One of the two is about to happen now that the Browns have signed veteran Jason Campbell. That retread is expected to compete with Brandon Weeden — a first-round pick last season by our man The Walrus — for the Browns starting job. That is, until the Browns find someone better in the draft.

The main thing is this, though. McCoy won’t be on the Browns much longer, which means he’ll be on the Green Bay Packers pretty soon. Trader Ted & Co. thought about trading for McCoy last offseason. Ultimately, they were probably just waiting around until he got released, but that never happened.

Now, the Packers can wait around until McCoy gets released because no one is giving up any sort of draft pick for him. And anyway, guess what? The Packers quarterback situation is still pretty much the same as it was when they were looking at McCoy last season.

Graham Harrell remains the backup that inspires no confidence and the erratic B.J. Coleman is stashed on the practice squad.

Frankly, we have no idea why the Packers were interested in McCoy before. They fancy themselves a vertical passing team and McCoy’s biggest weakness is throwing deep. We’re not sure how those two things fit together.

Nonetheless, we’re recommending that you save your money for that No. 10 McCoy Packers jersey. This is going to be the Packers blockbuster free agent signing of 2013! Get excited!