Greg Jennings injured

Well, if this is how it ends, Greg Jennings can go fuck himself. According to Adam Schefter, the free agent receiver is set to visit the Minnesota Vikings after drawing no interest in free agency from anyone besides the Green Bay Packers and those aforementioned losers.

With all the top-tier free agent receivers off the market — Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola — Jennings is running out of options. So it appears he’s resorted to the shitbag Vikings as a way of trying to get more money out of the Packers. Hey, we got it, business is business.

Still, that doesn’t mean Jennings won’t sign with the Vikings. They were interested early, but reportedly found Jennings’ asking price too high. Obviously so has everyone else or Jennings wouldn’t be sitting around on the third day of free agency without a contract.

As Jennings watched Welker and Amendola sign deals averaging $6 million per season on day two of free agency, his market value dropped even more. You could make a pretty strong case that, based on those numbers, Jennings isn’t worth more than $7 million per season.

We doubt Jennings sees it that way, though. Of course, that’s probably why he doesn’t have a deal yet.

As for the Vikings, we’d still label them as desperate for a receiver. The only move of note they’ve made to address the position since trading Percy Harvin was to re-sign Jerome Simpson. He had 26 catches, 274 yards and one enormous forehead in 2012.

Although Jennings has said one of his priorities is to play with a top-notch quarterback, that desire has clearly been thrown out the window if he’s visiting the Vikings.

Obviously, the desire for money is overriding everything right now.