Before Greg Jennings ditched the Green Bay Packers for the Minnesota Vikings he talked with another guy who did the same thing — Brett Favre.

Favre told Jennings about his experiences with the Vikings, which probably went something like this.

Brett: Those dicks? Oh yeah, great way to stick it to the Packers. Best way, in fact!
Greg: Well, they didn’t meet my $15 million asking price, but they’re $2 million higher than the Packers.
Brett: Fifteen million! Where are you worth $15 million?! In your fucking dreams?! I didn’t make much more than that with the Vikings and I’m Brett Fucking Favre! You’re not Brett Fucking Favre! I am!
Greg: But that’s what a top-of-the-line No. 1 receiver like me gets paid. Fair market value.
Brett: [chuckles] Sorry Greg, but you’re only a No. 1 receiver on the Vikings. Or maybe the Jets. I played for them too. You want me to give them a call? I still know a couple masseuses there.
Greg: Well, let me see what happens in Minnesota.
Brett: Okay. I know it’s not what you want, but at least they’re overpaying you.
Greg: Overpaying me?
Brett: That’s right buddy. You ain’t never gonna get none of that Brett Favre money! Only Brett Favre gets Brett Favre money. That’s why they named it Brett Favre money!
Greg: So what do you think about Christian Ponder?
Brett: [giggles] You kidding me? Fucking joke! Could not hold Brett Favre’s jock!
Greg: But I’ll get a lot of balls.
Brett: You sure will. When you’re down by 35 entering the fourth quarter! And then one day you’ll join me in the Vikings Hall of Fame!
Greg: I don’t think the Vikings have a Hall of Fame.
Brett: Do now. Inaugural class: Brett Favre!
Greg: Class of 2018: Greg Jennings!
Brett: Now you get it! Get over there, stick that knife in deep and twist it! They’ll forgive you in 10 years or so. Oh… wait… you’re not Brett Favre. They’ll probably forget about you as soon as you leave town. They’ve got that Randy Cobb, that James Jones, that white kid and that big sonofabitch Finley. And shit, you ain’t never gonna win another Super Bowl. If Brett Favre couldn’t carry those shitheels to a Super Bowl, nobody is ever gonna. But hey, don’t worry! If you learned anything from Brett Favre it’s that stats and money are more important… and revenge. Go get that Greg Jennings money!
Greg: Class of 2018!

Seriously though, there wasn’t really much going on there other than a few phone calls. It makes a nice story, though. Here’s the nugget that we find hilarious and everyone else either ignored or buried.

The Vikings actually put together a Christian Ponder highlight film to wow Jennings with. We’ve been told it lasted a minute and three seconds.

Perhaps even funnier than that is Jennings was impressed by it.

“I was able to see him make all throws,” Jennings said. “He has a very strong arm. He can move within the pocket. If there’s one thing I would say, he probably, as every young quarterback, can work on accuracy outside the pocket. But that will come. To his credit, he had every right to be frustrated with the pieces that were around him – no disrespect with Percy (Harvin) going down and him having a young group of guys around him. He had every right to be a little frustrated, but he played well with what he had and he was able to have success.”

Nice how Jennings disses the rest of the receivers on the Vikings roster. Four of those guys from 2012 are still on the team. Also impressive is how he’s already figured out how to make excuses for Ponder.

Wonder if he’ll be singing the same tune when he realizes he no longer plays with a guy who makes him better and instead, is being counted on to make the quarterback better.

Gonna go with doubtful.