Mike Wallace

Do we give a shit that the Cleveland Browns blew a giant load all over Paul Kruger as soon as free agency started? Not in the least. Here’s what we, as Green Bay Packers fans (and Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and to a much lesser extent, Detroit Lions haters), care about and what it means.

The Chicago Bears struck first and signed tight end Martellus Bennett, who spent last season with the Giants and used to eat a lot of fried chicken when he played for Dallas. The Bears, who are expected to utilize the tight end a lot more under their new regime, wanted and needed to address this position. Bennett had 55 for 626 and five TDs in 2012. The Bears top tight end was Kellen Davis, who caught 19 for 229.

Are we more afraid of the Bears than we were last season? Nope!

The Miami Dolphins, as expected, threw a bunch of money (five years, $65 million) at receiver Mike Wallace. This is notable to us only because they haven’t shown any interest in Greg Jennings.

Later in the day, the Bears went and signed an offensive lineman — something they should have done two years ago. They got tackle Jermon Bushrod, formerly of the Saints. Bushrod will replace J’Marcus Webb, who’s the guy Jay Cutler shoved during the Bears first loss to the Packers last season. So, obviously an upgrade.

Are we more afraid of the Bears now? Slightly, but not a notable amount.

What did the Vikings do? Well, they tried to overpay Mike Wallace and, predictably, failed. They did, however, manage to secure three guys that played for them last season — tackle Phil Loadholdt, fullback Jerome Felton and linebacker Erin Henderson.

The Bears actually wanted Loadholdt, so, you know, the Vikings couldn’t let that happen.

These two offensive guys will allow Adrian Peterson to run for a bunch of yards again while Christian Ponder continues to be terrible. Oh, and did you hear? The Vikings traded Percy Harvin because he complained about how terrible Ponder is too many times.


Hey, what about Charles Woodson? Well, he’s finally getting some play and the good news for him is maybe he won’t ever have to face Colin Kaepernick again… except in practice. Woodson is visiting the 49ers on Wednesday.

And, in one Packers-related move we weren’t able to get to elsewhere, the team actually reduced Johnny Jolly’s salary. The recently-reinstated Jolly was counting $2.521 million against the Packers cap based on the restricted free agent tender he got way back before his suspension.

He’s now counting just $715,000. That’s a good sign the Packers are at least willing to see what he can do on a football field.