Joe Flacco is No. 1

The completely average Joe Flacco is now the highest-paid quarterback (and player) in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens doled out a little more than $120 million for a new six-year deal, according to Adam Schefter.

Little Joey’s new contract surpasses the $20-million-per-season pact Drew Brees signed last season.

Why do we care?

Well, if a joker like Little Joey Flacco is worth $20 million per season, then what is Aaron Rodgers worth? Maybe $25 million a year?

Clearly, the Green Bay Packers aren’t going to hand out that kind of money, but they’ll probably be forced to use Flacco’s deal as a yardstick. That is, unless Rodgers pulls a Tom Brady and lets the Packers sign him to a cap-friendly deal in the name of staying competitive.

It’s a good thing contracts aren’t based on production or the Packers would be in serious trouble. Here’s where Flacco and Rodgers ranked in 2012 in the major statistical categories.

Yards — Rodgers (8), Flacco (14)
Completion percentage — Rodgers (3), Flacco (19)
Yards per attempt — Rodgers (5), Flacco (14)
Touchdowns — Rodgers (2), Flacco (15)
Rating — Rodgers (1), Flacco (12)