Clay Matthews

Aaron Rodgers get deal? Clay Matthews get deal, too! Or Clay Matthews eat children!

Don’t worry. Clay Matthews will not be eating any children, at least if you believe the reports. The Green Bay Packers are also hard at work on new deal for their star outside linebacker. And they might as well be because they obviously aren’t hard at work at anything else.

Oh yeah, and Matthews is set to be a free agent after the 2013 season. We certainly don’t need that happening. Once free agency opens, the Packers will just low-ball the shit out of Matthews until he’s forced to sign somewhere else.

Matthews is going to make $3.73 million this season, but this mythical new deal will supposedly put his cap hit in the $8-10 million per season range, according to Tom Silverstein.

When it’s all said and done, our guess is Matthews will be making somewhere in the neighborhood of DeMarcus Ware’s $11.1 million annual salary. The Cowboys gave Ware, another one of the league’s elite pass rushers, $78 million over seven years in 2009.

So basically, once the Packers pay Aaron Rodgers, Matthews and B.J. Raji, everyone else on the roster will be forced to play for the league minimum.