Chris Canty

Free agent defensive end Chris Canty, who visited the Green Bay Packers last week, has signed with the Baltimore Ravens.

You see, the Packers just pretend they’re going to sign free agents that could help the team. They don’t really ever have any intention of actually doing anything. They feign interest to keep you, the dutiful fan partially appeased. So go buy some more of their gear, huh?

Here’s what’s funny.

Canty has been a free agent twice. Each time, the Packers were all over him. Each time they failed to do anything. Maybe they don’t know the market. Maybe they’re overly cautious. Maybe what I said earlier.

Here’s what’s depressing.

The Packers didn’t even bother to offer Canty a contract. In fact, after he left town, Canty’s agent didn’t hear peep from the Packers. He signed with with Baltimore for three years and $8 million. That’s exactly what Cullen Jenkins, who’s two years older, got from the Giants and the amount was easily in the Packers wheelhouse.

You’ll never guess why they didn’t make an offer.

According to an NFL source, the Packers never made an offer because they had concerns about Canty’s knee and didn’t think he would pass a physical. Canty’s knee checked out okay with Baltimore, Tennessee and Kansas City.

And we all know the Packers medical staff is easily the most reliable bunch in the NFL…

Can the Packers live without Canty? Yeah, but three years and $8 million is a pretty small chance to take.