Charles Woodson

When the Green Bay Packers released veteran defensive back Charles Woodson, we figured he’d have a new team in a few days. That didn’t happen. Then free agency opened and Woodson made only one visit — to the 49ers — in the first couple weeks of that shit show. Now it sounds like there’s pretty much nothing on the horizon for the 2009 defensive player of the year.

The 49ers decided to sign Craig Dahl to replace the departed Dashon Goldson, who joined the Bucs for some idiotic amount. Who the hell is Craig Dahl? Some dick who played for the Rams last season and posted these eye-popping totals: 78 tackles, one interception (and no sacks or forced fumbles).

Wednesday, the Houston Texans signed former Baltimore safety Ed Reed, so there goes another DB-needy team. Now what? Charlie doesn’t see much on the horizon other than waiting around.

“I thought it would be a little more interest,” Woodson said. “I think, looking back, this is my second time in free agency and I’ve kind of been shunned both times. So I guess this time around, I’m a little more patient with it and just waiting around to see what happens.

“I don’t take it personal. I understand how the game goes, I’ve seen it for 15 years now, and I’ve seen how it works. Just got to have a little patience.”

Woodson has indeed been through this before. The Packers were only able to sign him because almost every other team thought he was washed up after eight seasons in Oakland. In fact, Woodson didn’t want to come to small-town Green Bay and only did so because Tampa Bay, his only other suitor, wanted to move him to safety.

Somebody is going to sign this guy. When he got released, we predicted New England and we’re still putting them high on the list.

Baltimore seems like a more likely landing spot right now, though. Reed just left and they released their other starter from 2012, Bernard Pollard. The only problem is, Baltimore isn’t going anywhere near the Super Bowl this season after getting rid of half the guys that got them there in 2012 so they could overpay Little Joey Flacco. That was one of Woodson’s qualifications for a new team. At this point, he might just take the money, though.

If it really is about the Super Bowl, maybe Woodson would accept a lesser role and sign with Seattle. With all their recent moves, signing Woodson would make them the 2012 version of the Eagles dream team. And that worked out pretty well for everyone.