Greg Jennings injured

Yeah, we know. Greg Jennings left the Green Bay Packers for the Minnesota Vikings, becoming the latest in a long line of traitorous fucks to do so. This was not lost on us, but we happened to be out of commission this past weekend, so we’re just getting around to it now.

Forgive us.

In the end, Jennings was about exactly what we knew he was about in the beginning — money. Jennings signed with the Vikings not because of their potent offense or their Super Bowl chances, but because they threw the most money at him. In the end, playing with a great quarterback was not at all important, even though Jennings said that was one of his top criteria for a new team.

It was only about dollars and the Vikings gave him almost $10 million per season (five years, $47.5 million with $18 million guaranteed). So he did is song and dance about feeling wanted.

We’re real happy for you, dick.

The Packers actually offered Jennings $8 million per season and the Patriots reportedly offered him $6 million. Not good enough, obviously.

So Jennings got overpaid by a desperate Vikings team. He got his money and the Packers really aren’t that much worse off, at least on the field.

The team has plenty of receivers to replace Jennings, as they proved last season while he stood around for most of the year on the sidelines. What the loss really hurt was in our confidence in the Packers.

After supposedly being close to signing both Jennings and running back Steven Jackson last week, the Packers came away with nothing. It kind of makes you think they guys in the front office are doing some sort of keystone kops routine.