Aaron Rodgers is disgusted

The Green Bay Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers will agree on a new deal that will make Rodgers the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL for some time. That is, if you believe old Floors and his anonymous sources.

“It is his time,” the source said.

The source also believes that, once Rodgers has a new deal, it will set a new benchmark that will stand for several years.

So there you go.

Here’s what we actually know.

The Packers want to sign Rodgers to a long-term deal, but he still has two years left on his current deal. Rodgers is grossly underpaid for a top-tier NFL quarterback. He now makes about half of what Drew Brees, Payton Manning and, somehow, Joe Flacco makes.

The only problem is, the Packers aren’t exactly flush with salary cap space. They currently have around $21 million available. That number is cut in half when you factor in contracts for their draft class and restricted free agents. We won’t even mention other, more pressing contract extensions.

The team is either going to have to lose some more salary or get creative to give Rodgers what he wants.

We’re sure they’ll find a way, but at what cost?