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49ers whooped the Packers

Once upon a time, the Green Bay Packers lost a playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers.

People were angry. They were calling for heads and perhaps rightfully so.

We were also angry. We may have called for a head…

But that’s all in the past now.

Except for when it isn’t.

Right here at Total Packers HQ, we get the Oconto County Times Herald. That’s a small-town newspaper for the uninitiated. In fact, it’s a county newspaper that comes out once a week, which should tell you two things: 1. it serves several small communities, and 2. ain’t shit going on in any of them.

Please bear with me for a moment.

Much like John Cougar… Mellencamp, I was born in a small town. And I lived in a small town.

That small town is called Suring.

It’s up there north of Green Bay by Gillett, Lena, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Kelly Lake and several other places you’ve never heard of. The newspaper of record is the aforementioned publication.

Unlike Mr. Mellencamp, I can’t breathe in a small down and they better not f’ing bury me there. Hence the choice of Los Angeles as my home.

But even though L.A. is where the home office lies, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots. As such, the Oconto County Times Herald gets delivered to the home office. Somehow, it usually arrives three weeks after the publication date because apparently it’s impossible to mail the out-of-state subscriptions with the local ones.

That being the case, the latest newspaper that arrived is from Jan. 16. The Packers got raked by the 49ers on the 12th, mind you.

And to bring this full circle, the TH has this feature I love called Street Talk, where they go out and ask some random small-town people around the county a question related to current events and publish their answers.

The iron may be cold now, but they definitely struck while it was hot and found some small-town, pissed-off Packers fans after that game.

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