Charles Woodson

One thing that’s become clear since the Green Bay Packers released Charles Woodson is they don’t think he can play anymore.

The Packers made the move to gain $10 million in salary cap space, but they were obviously done with Woodson regardless of what his salary was.

Coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson met with Woodson Friday morning. At no time did they reach out to his agent, Carl Poston, and Poston was not at that meeting.

We suggested the Packers would renegotiate Woodson’s deal and bring him back at a lower salary. The fact that they didn’t even float the idea to Poston shows they have no interest in doing so.

The Press Gazette reported they didn’t bring up the subject to Woodson either.

“I know there’s a salary-cap issue because of the kind of money he was going to make this year,” Poston told the Press-Gazette “But I don’t know that they even – they didn’t talk to me at all, they just talked to Charles. Charles didn’t bring (a pay cut) up, so I have to think they didn’t mention it. I think they just felt they needed to go in a different direction.”

We know Woodson’s career is almost over. He’s 36, his skills have started to decline and he’s broken his collarbone twice in the past three seasons.

All that being said, it’s a little surprising the Packers weren’t interested in Woodson at a lower salary.

As for Charles, he plans on playing in 2013 and wants to join a Super Bowl contender. We’re sure there will be suitors.

Right now our money is on the New England Patriots.