Greg Jennings injured

Free agency doesn’t officially begin until next month, but Greg Jennings is already doing his best to line up as many johns as he can. After whoring himself during Super Bowl week, Jennings did the same on NFL Network last night.

Although Jennings still maintains he’d like to return to the Green Bay Packers, everything else he’s done says otherwise.

So, Greg, what about signing with the arch rival Minnesota Vikings? Jennings is certainly open to that!

“Honestly, it’s one of those situations where like I said, it’s a business. So it’s pretty much whatever would be the right fit for myself as well as my family as far as living accommodations, that’s where we’re going to end up…Absolutely. All other 31 teams are an option when it comes to being able to have an occupation and play the game I love to play.”

Minnesota is on the list of our top potential destinations for Jennings, although Miami is No. 1 on that list and seems to be Jennings’ first choice.

There’s no saying the Vikings won’t get to Jennings first though. Keep in mind, free agency is often about who strikes first. Players line up a bunch of visits, but the big-name free agents often end up signing on their first one.

This will be interesting to watch. The Packers haven’t had a player who will garner this much interest in free agency since Aaron Kampman.