Greg Jennings injured

It’s little wonder the Green Bay Packers have made no effort to re-sign receiver Greg Jennings considering the insane amount of money he wants.

Tom Pelissero reported Jennings wants $14 million per season.

Really, Greg?

That number would make Jennings the third-highest paid receiver in the NFL, behind only Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. It would also make him the highest-paid player on the Packers by a fairly sizable margin.

Jennings certainly isn’t the best player on the Packers. We wouldn’t say he’s the third-best receiver in the game either.

Jennings will be 30 this year and is coming off an injury-filled campaign where he recorded just 36 catches for 366 yards in eight games. He has three career 1,000-yard seasons, but his last one came in 2010.

In addition to missing eight games in 2012, Jennings missed three in 2011. Some might call that injury-plagued.

Some team will likely throw some big money at Jennings in free agency, but $14 million?

You’re dreaming, buddy.