Charles Woodson

If no news is good news, then the news for Green Bay Packers safety Charles Woodson is good so far.

The Packers have a decision to make on Woodson’s future. He’s 37 and will count nearly $10 million against the salary cap in 2013.

Although he’s still a valuable contributor, it’s hard to justify paying him that much money. So do the Packers keep him at his current salary, release him outright or renegotiate his contract?

Woodson’s agent, Carl Poston, says he believes Woodson will be with the team in 2013. More importantly, Poston suggested Woodson would be open to the renegotiating his deal, and frankly, he may not have another choice if he wants to finish his career in Green Bay.

“They haven’t said anything to the contrary,” he said, “so we’re assuming he’s going to be back.”

“There’s always a tradeoff. I’m sure there’s something we could work out if there’s more guaranteed money in the deal.”

Reworking Woodson’s contract seems to be the obvious solution. The Packers don’t have a clear-cut replacement on the roster, but they can ill afford to pay Woodson $10 million. There are several contract extensions the Packers need to work on, including Aaron Rodgers‘ and Clay Matthews‘.

The Packers’ hand won’t be forced until training camp. On the first day of camp, Woodson’s $6.5 million base salary kicks in and he also gets a $2.5 million bonus.

Of course, if the Packers want to participate in free agency — which, as always, is unlikely — they may have to make a decision sooner. The Packers are currently only $7.1 million under the cap.