Hayden Panettiere and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a busy guy. When he isn’t slinging footballs for the Green Bay Packers, he’s a man about town. And despite supposedly being engaged, he was still hanging out with actress Hayden Panettiere recently.

The pair were spotted together and were reportedly being flirty. We don’t really know much else, except we believe the photo you’re seeing is from her Instagram account.

Panettiere has a history with NFL players. She was dating former New York Jets eighth-string receiver Scotty McKnight for a while. Maybe she’s looking to trade up?

As for Rodgers, he has a solid history as a broad wrangler, but was spotted during the season with girlfriend Destiny Newton and it looked an awful lot like she was wearing an engagement ring.

When questioned on the subject, Rodgers only grunted.

By the way, Panettiere is a 49ers fan, although we’re not sure why. She’s from New York.