Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

Hell has probably frozen over. The NFL had a little surprise for everyone at the NFL Honors last night — they trotted out current and former Green Bay Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre together.

The pair, who are surely fast friends, presented Peyton Manning with the comeback player of the year award.

Although they appeared to be chatting as they walked on the stage, the presentation was nothing if not awkward. Here’s the scripted dialogue from the teleprompter.

Rodgers: We’re here to present the award for best comeback player.
Favre: You know Aaron, everyone loves it when a great player makes a comeback.
Rodgers: Yeah, well, not always. Some people wish great players would just retire and stay retired.
Favre: Good to see you, too, Aaron.
Rodgers: You too, man.
(Handshake, half hug)
Rodgers: That was awkward.
(Cue montage set to Imagine Dragons song)

Here, watch the video for yourself and soak in all the awkward glory.