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Bill LaChapell

angry Packers fan 1


Bill here, is the sane one of the bunch.

“Stay the course. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Everything will be fine.”

That could be true. The Packers had a lot of injuries in 2012. In fact, the team put almost as many players on injured reserve as they did in 2010. Unfortunately, even though the Packers were seemingly debilitated by injuries in 2010, they still went on to win the Super Bowl. The 2012 team was just… debilitated.

Obviously, Bill is referring to the Packers two inside linebackers — Desmond Bishop and D.J. Smith — when he says “get some injured players back.” We’ll even throw outside backer Nick Perry into that group.

All three guys spent the majority of the season on injured reserve.

That means the Packers had to pretend A.J. Hawk is a starting-caliber inside linebacker and Erik Walden can keep his head straight for 16 games. Neither turned out to be anywhere in the neighborhood of true, so Bill might have a point.

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