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Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby blows it

Total contract: 5 years, $14.75 million
Average salary: $2.95 million
2013 cap number: $3.15 million
2012 stats: 21-of-33 on field goals, 63.6%

In the grand scheme of things, Mason Crosby’s deal isn’t an albatross on the Packers salary cap. That being said, Crosby has the seventh-highest base salary among NFL kickers for 2013. He had the worst field goal percentage in the league in 2012. How does that compute? It doesn’t. The Packers bet on Crosby and they lost. Only once in his career has Crosby hit more than 80 percent of his attempts — in 2011. Coincidentally or not, that’s the year he signed his five year, $14.75 million deal. Crosby will count more than $3 million against the cap for each of the next three seasons. The Packers still owe him $1.8 million of his $3 million signing bonus.

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