Dom Capers

The Green Bay Packers defense was decent this season after finishing last in the league in yards allowed in 2011. Still, for the second year in a row, the defense was the main culprit in a blowout divisional round playoff loss.

Some people are wondering, including us, if it isn’t time the Packers parted ways with defensive coordinator Dom Capers.

Certainly, the Packers have some personnel issues on defense, but that doesn’t mean Capers is necessarily lacking in blame. Green Bay was gouged by San Francisco and quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Saturday. Probably the most frustrating thing is they didn’t do anything to try to change their course.

Safety Charles Woodson openly criticized Capers’ refusal to make adjustments after the game.

“I think it’s the right defense,” Woodson said of Capers’ scheme after the game. “I just think when the game is going the way it is, you’ve got to try something different. It’s hard to just continue to do the same thing over and over again and continue to get burned. That’s what I was talking about going forward. We need to figure out, could we have done something differently as far as our game plan was concerned?

“It hurts you bad, especially if you’re in a lot of fire zones. If there is a breakdown somewhere, it’s going to turn into a big breakdown.”

If Capers has anything working in his favor, it’s that his unit improved dramatically overall this season, finishing 11th in the league in yards allowed.

At times, the defense carried the Packers, something you couldn’t say last season. Still, as a unit, they were maddeningly inconsistent. One week the defense was carrying the day. The next, they were getting torched.

The Packers didn’t just get torched by stars like Adrian Peterson either. If you think back to the Jacksonville game, you’ll recall they made Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert look awfully good. A lot better than he really is, in fact.

As for Peterson, it took the Packers three games to figure out how to keep him moderately in check.

So what now?

It’s the start of another long offseason — one where the Packers seriously need to consider if they have the right guy and the right scheme on the defensive side of the ball.