Darrelle Revis

The New York Jets have reportedly put cornerback Darrelle Revis on the trading block. Yes, that Darrelle Revis. Best shutdown corner in the game Darrelle Revis. Of course, the Green Bay Packers will trade for him.

At least, one journo suggests they’ve expressed interest in doing so.

And that’s why we’re calling this offseason lunacy.

First of all, we know it’s not technically the offseason. There’s one more game, but it’s a game we don’t give two shits about being played by two teams we give even fewer shits about. So it’s the offseason for us because there are no more meaningful football games, i.e. ones that involve the Green Bay Packers.

Second, anyone who knows anything about how tightly Ted Thompson‘s asshole clenches at the suggestion of trading for or signing a big-ticket player, well, that’s why we’re calling this lunacy.

Nonetheless, we’d be remiss if we didn’t pass on this report from Mike Freeman.

Sources say one of the teams highly interested is the New England Patriots, but not even the Jets, who have made some screwy decisions over the years, would trade Revis to the division-rival Patriots and, in the process, hand them a Super Bowl.

Other teams highly interested, I’m told, are Denver, San Francisco, Buffalo (not happening — division rival), and even Seattle, which already has some of the best defensive backs in the game. One team also constantly mentioned by league sources is Green Bay, though the Packers, possessors of one of the best front offices in all of sports, usually don’t give up high-round picks.

Yeah, the Jets reportedly want a first and a second for Revis, which the Packers certainly aren’t giving up (and no one else is either).

In reality, Revis can probably be had for a package of players and/or draft picks. However, he’s coming off knee surgery and is in line for a big contract extension. The Packers have plenty of their own guys to extend, which makes this even more of a pipe dream.

Let’s indulge the fantasy for a moment, though.

One would think the Packers might be able to land Revis for, say, a package of Tramon Williams, a second and third-round pick. Where did that idea come from?

Well, the last blockbuster trade in the NFL was for quarterback Kevin Kolb. The Cardinals landed Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick.

Both packages include a former Pro Bowl defensive back and a high draft pick. The Packers add the third-rounder because their picks are at the bottom of each round (whereas the Cardinals’ were at the top).

You might argue that Revis is 10 times the player that Kolb is, but remember, Kolb was considered a potential franchise quarterback at the time of his trade. That’s much more valuable than a franchise cornerback.

In the process of making this hypothetical trade, the Packers shed the nearly $13 million in salary Tramon is due to make over the next two seasons.

Meanwhile, the Jets get a ready-made replacement for Revis. And let’s face it, they could do a lot worse than a Williams/Antonio Cromartie cornerback tandem.

The Packers, of course, would have to feel they have enough young and returning talent in-house to give up the two draft picks.

For Ted Thompson, it would be the equivalent of Ron Wolf signing Reggie White.

A signature move.

We’ll now be leaving fantasyland and returning to reality. Please make sure all your carry-on items are stowed in the overhead bin or beneath your seat, your chairs are in the upright position and your seatbelt is securely fastened.