Hopefully running back DuJuan Harris will be a big part of the Green Bay Packers postseason success. Whether that happens or not, Harris is planning to go back to the job he had before the Packers signed him off the street — selling cars — when the season ends.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Harris was working as a car salesman at Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Arlington in Jacksonville, Fla. He had recently been cut by Pittsburgh (after getting released by Jacksonville) when the Packers plucked Harris from the car lot in October.

Harris was signed to the practice squad before being added to the active roster in early December. Now he’s the Packers No. 1 running back. Despite that, Harris apparently doesn’t have any plans to rest in the offseason.

“I just got off the phone with them,” Harris said this week as he prepared for the Packers’ divisional playoff game in San Francisco. “They just told me they sold 10 cars. That’s live. That is live. Why not be a part of that?”

Although amusing, it probably shouldn’t be surprising Harris is considering selling cars in the offseason. After being cut by Jacksonville — maybe the least talented team in the NFL — Harris probably didn’t think he had an NFL future.

The fact he’s only 5’7″ and played at Troy haven’t ever worked in his favor either. If it weren’t for the Packers giving Harris a chance he probably would be selling cars right now. And having been discarded before, Harris knows an NFL future is no guarantee.

We’re going to bet if the Packers win their next three games, Harris is going to sell a lot more cars, though.