Aaron Rodgers is not please

The Green Bay Packers handled the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday, winning by 14, but quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t pleased.

Rodgers praised the Packers defense after the game, but wasn’t happy with the team’s offensive performance.

“Our defense played at a championship level — which you have to have in the postseason,” Rodgers told NBC Sports’ Michele Tafoya after the game. “Offensively, we’ve got some stuff to work on. We doubled up at the end of the first half/beginning of the second half to make it a three-score game, but we got to help our defense more and close out a team like that.”

I like how he said “a team like that.” You mean one that sucks, Aaron?


“They’re a good defense, but we kind of cut it off there in the third quarter,” he said in his postgame interview. “We couldn’t get anything going. We gotta put a team away, especially at home like that.”

Rodgers definitely wasn’t alone in his assessment. I heard a lot of bitching about the Packers offense and their inability to stomp on an obviously overmatched Vikings team in the second half.

The Packers put up 24 straight points after falling behind 3-0, but their last score came with 9:25 in the third. Against a decent team, that performance probably would have cost them.

If the offense doesn’t do better against the 49ers this week, you can kiss that trip to the NFC Championship game goodbye.