Aaron Rodgers vs. New Orleans

As if the Pro Bowl couldn’t be anymore of a joke. Three Green Bay Packers were elected to the all-star game no one cares about, including center Jeff Saturday, who was benched by the Packers last week.

Saturday will be joined by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews. Rodgers is the only starter of the group.

If anyone on the Packers got overlooked it had to be Randall Cobb. It would be tough to argue Cobb deserved to go as a receiver, especially when you look at the guys who did make the team — Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones and Victor Cruz.

However, Cobb could have made it as a return man, where Seattle’s Leon Washington got the nod. Voters, which include fans, players and coaches, would have had to look at Cobb’s all-around impact and not just his return ability.

Washington is averaging 30.1 yards per kick return to Cobb’s 25.4. Cobb is better on punts, with a 9.4 average. Washington averages 8.6.

Where it’s a total whitewash is in yards from scrimmage. Cobb has 1,086 this season and Washington only has 114.

But that apparently doesn’t matter.

Here’s the full roster.