Clay Matthews' sack dance

I hadn’t brought this up before, mostly because I was blazingly drunk on Sunday and didn’t really notice, but Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has a new sack dance.

And clearly he was thinking long and hard about it while he was injured.

The predator pose is a thing of the past. So what did we get when Matthews sacked Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Sunday?

Sexy time!

Several people have pointed out Matthews was doing Val Venis, a former WWE wrestler that played a porn star character. He had finishing moves called the Big Package and the Money Shot.

And… he obviously did this dance at some point. If my memory serves me — and it probably doesn’t — he did it when he entered the ring.

So, yay or nay on the new dance?

Personally, I don’t give a shit what Matthews does as long as he sacks the quarterback.