Brandon Marshall: douche

The Chicago Bears need the Green Bay Packers to beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday to make the playoffs. Even though things are that simple, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall will not be cheering for the Packers.

Does Brandon Marshall not want to make the playoffs?


He was directly asked about cheering for the Packers and this was his response.

“I’m not cheering for anybody but the Bears,” he said. “Yeah, that’s how it is. We put ourselves in this position and right now it could be a good position. You never know how things will work out. But all we can do is beat Detroit and sit back and have a cup of coffee and see what happens at that afternoon game.”

This is really not surprising for two reasons.

1. Brandon Marshall is an idiot.

2. He has some unhealthy hatred for the Packers. You know, because they kick his ass all over the field and then tell him about it.