Aaron Rodgers puppet
Aaron Rodgers‘ interview with Cabbie from Canadian SportsCentre aired recently and the coolest thing we learned is the Green Bay Packers quarterback is trying to bring In-N-Out Burger to Wisconsin.

Actually, maybe trying is a strong word, but at least he’s thought about it. One of the things Cabbie asked Rodgers is if he had any long-term business investments, while mentioning that Peyton Manning recently bought 21 Papa John’s stores.

Rodgers, who’s a California boy, replied that he’d like to bring the iconic West Coast hamburger chain to Wisconsin.

Let me tell you, if you’ve never had In-N-Out Burger, you want this. I had myself a Double-Double yesterday for lunch and it was delicious. Makes McDonald’s or Burger King seem like something you’d want to wipe your ass with.

Anyway, watch the video. Rodgers also gets a puppet in it.