Mike Ditka

Why wouldn’t Mike Ditka be a Green Bay Packers fan?! Well, we’ll tell you — Mike Ditka played for the Chicago Bears and coached the Chicago Bears. He played a part in some of the fiercest games in the Bears’ rivalry with the Green Bay Packers (in the ’60s as a player and in ’80s as a coach).

It would make sense for Mike Ditka to hate the Packers.

Not so. At least not now.

“I’m still a Bear fan. I got a right to be a Bear fan. We won two championships in the last 60 years — I played on one and coached the other one. So I got a right. I’ll always be a Chicago Bear,” Ditka told the Journal Sentinel. “Now, I’m a Packer fan too — for one reason. First of all, I love the coach, he’s from Pittsburgh. But Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football — without question. He gets it, he understands, he’s a class act. He’s a great leader. I hope they give him a little more protection than they’re giving him right now or he’s going to get his (expletive) busted.”

Probably not exactly what you want to hear if you’re a fan of the Bears or regularly call Ditka, Da Coach.

Then again, they’re probably too busy trying to drum Lovie Smith out of town that they didn’t even notice.

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