Young Packers fans sad Mitt Romney lost the election

Sadly, Mitt Romney is not the next president and that has these two Green Bay Packers fans pretty sad.

Hell, Romney didn’t even carry Wisconsin and that probably makes them doubly sad. What? Not enough old, rich white guys in Wisconsin interested in only making policy that benefits themselves?

That’s unfortunate.

But really, nothing says “I support Mitt Romney!” like forcing your kids to put on a cheesehead with a Mitt Romney bumper sticker on it and then telling them their world will all come crashing down if Romney doesn’t win.

That’s right, make them crazy right-wing zealots before they even know what crazy right-wing zealots are! Fox News, now that’s some good TV watchin’. I’m gonna go blast my pistol in the air, cuz I can, goddamit! Jesus! Jesus belongs in schools! A union can only be between a man and a woman, fer Christ sake! The Bible says it!

Sorry, got carried away there.

Yeah, these kids are gonna turn out just fine.

Besides, what says America better than Mitt Romney and the Green Bay Packers?

From the blog White People Mourning Mitt Romney