cheesehead bed

If you’re one of those Green Bay Packers fans who wears a foam piece of cheese on your head and embarrasses the rest of us, we’ve just found your Christmas gift — a cheesehead bed.


Verlo Mattress is producing a bed that looks like a giant block of cheese. You can run out and get one right now. Why you would want to, we really have no idea.

“I think there’s going to be a broad range of buyers,” Verlo’s creative strategist Julie¬†Tramonte said. “The bed itself, even though it’s a novelty bed, it’s actually a bed that’s high enough quality that it’s planned for adult or kids use. This is a very good bed.

“We expect adults to also buy it. I guess it sort of depends on how many wives agree to allow their husbands to buy a cheesehead bed.”

A queen retails for $1,099.

Here’s what I don’t get though. Why is it called a cheesehead bed? Why isn’t it just a cheese bed?

It isn’t shaped like a head. It isn’t even shaped like those idiotic hats of the same name. And it’s a good thing they misrepresented the cheese just like the cheesehead maker did. You know, unless you’ve ever seen a block of cheddar with holes in it or a bright yellow block of Swiss.

Anyway, this is maybe the stupidest thing we’ve ever seen. If you’re a single male, we’d advise you not to get one of these, unless you want to stay a single male.