Minnesota Vikings fan

The Green Bay Packers will play the biggest bunch of mouth breathers and sheep fuckers in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings this week. How could we forget this monumental clash of titan and failed abortion?

Well, we haven’t. It’s just that the Vikings and their inbred fans aren’t even fun to make fun of anymore. Who could take the fun out of fun? Only a Minnesota Vikings fan.

That being said, we want you fully lathered up for this weekend’s game. So here are some of our greatest hits from the past couple seasons.

Oh, and what do you call a Minnesota Viking with a Super Bowl ring?

A thief.

  • Vikings Fans Being Vikings Fans, Again (link)
  • Minnesota Vikings: Champions! (link)
  • Adrian Peterson’s Mugshot (link)
  • Vikings Fullback Arrested for DWI at McDonald’s (link)
  • Highlights of New Vikings Stadium (link)
  • Jared Allen Like Touching Other Dudes’ Junk (link)
  • You Stay Classy, Minnesota (link)
  • Vikings Fan Runs His Mouth, Gets What He Deserves (link)
  • Are Packers Oblivious to the Threat Growing in Minnesota? (link)

And finally, the always classic…

10 Reasons We Hate Vikings Fans (link)

Please stick around, as there will be some Vikings fans trolling this blog that you’ll be able to make fun of.