Greg Jennings Lambeau Leap

Perhaps looking to stem the negativity following their disastrous loss to the New York Giants, word came from the Green Bay Packers that receiver Greg Jennings will play against Minnesota on Sunday.

It will be the first time Jennings has played since week four. He was initially misdiagnosed as having a hamstring injury and later had surgery for an abdominal tear.

Jennings practiced all last week, but was held out of the Giants game. There’s word he could have played in that game, but the team was reportedly worried about his conditioning after seven weeks off.

So is Jennings the savior the Packers offense seems to need at this point?

We’ll have to wait and see, but his involvement in the offense depends largely on the game plan. Teams will continue to play the Packers two deep and Jennings has been known as a deep threat, which the two-deep look is designed to combat.

If Jennings is going to be effective, the Packers will have to work him in the middle of the field in front of the safeties, rather than vertically. While Jennings has had success there, the Packers haven’t this season.

At the very least, Jennings will be another weapon opposing defenses will have to worry about.