Usually I hate the Green Bay Packers bye week. I mean, what am I supposed to do on Sunday? Get drunk watching the San Diego Chargers play some sub-standard brand of football, while CBS makes me look at shots of Norv Turner‘s grotesque face?

Hell no!

It’s a lost weekend. Usually…

This year, the Packers need their bye week and it really can’t get here fast enough. Half the team is injured. While some of those injuries are fairly substantial and long-term (Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings), others are the type of injuries that just need a little rest (Jordy Nelson, Sam Shields, Nick Perry, etc.).

All the injuries have the Packers playing Chargers-esque sub-standard football, which you saw last week. Thankfully, Jacksonville was in town, so it didn’t matter. This week, Arizona is in town, so it probably won’t matter again.

That being said, watching the Packers JV squad play isn’t really all that fun. This isn’t preseason, but it looks like that’s what’s going to happen again on Sunday.

Perry and Shields have been ruled out. We know Jennings and Woodson are out. Jordache hasn’t practiced yet this week and could miss his second straight game. And today, Jerron McMillian didn’t practice.

The Packers are wounded and they need some rest. They need some players back on the field so they can return to the team that dominated Houston and pounded St. Louis, not the uninterested bunch that bumbled their way to a win over the worst team in the league.

So bring on the bye!