Aaron Rodgers engaged to Destiny Newton?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn’t think too much of people prying into his personal life. When Jason Wilde prodded him to talk about the gigantic ring on girlfriend Destiny Newton‘s finger, Rodgers did nothing more than grunt.

“Anything else happen during the bye week?” Wilde of WAUK-AM (540) asked Rodgers after they had talked about attending his brother’s game. “Because boy, oh, boy I sure get a lot of questions on Twitter.”

Rodgers did not answer.

“Nothing?” Wilde said.

Rodgers grunted, indicating he was not interested in talking about the story.

Does that confirm Rodgers is off the market? Historically, when someone in the public eye avoids answering a question like this, it’s because the answer is yes.

If the answer was no, they’d throw out some line like, “I don’t know where all this speculation is coming from. There’s nothing to it!”

So yeah, we’re going with confirmed!

If anyone can find their wedding registry, we’ll buy both them and you something from it.