Aaron Rodgers sacked by Osi Umenyiora

Aaron Rodgers apologized to Green Bay Packers fans for Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants during his radio show this week.

And frankly, after the Packers went out, got abused like a rented mule and lost 38-10 while showing absolutely no fight, we were due an apology.

“Obviously we would have liked to show up better than we did on Sunday,” Rodgers said. “We apologize to our fans for that disappointing loss. We also encourage our fans to stick with us because we have five games left, still in a good position.”

Rodgers went on to address the Packers non-existent intensity and focus.

“I think there has to be some validity to that statement,” Rodgers said. “I think you have to ask each person individually. Each person has to look in the mirror after a game like that and ask themselves how much heart they thought they played with in that game. Personally, I was focused, I was prepared, I felt good about us going into the game. Started off good, touchdown on the first drive. Second drive, had it going pretty good, didn’t put any points on the board. After that, it was a struggle. They did a good job on defense, contained us, got after me. Got me off the spot. And we didn’t execute very well.”

Alright. Noted. Thank you.

Now, Mike McCarthy just needs to follow suit for assembling one of the most idiotic game plans in the history of game planning.