Here’s a video of Minnesota Vikings fans being Minnesota Vikings fans and showing why we all love them so.

Let’s set the scene.

The Vikings are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football and getting their asses handed to them. The hopes of Hormel Chili nation are slowly deflating as they realize dis year ain’t gon’ be no diffrnt dan an’ other. Sheeit.

Dumbass Tampa Bay fan is celebrating, surrounded only by mouth breathers and human mistakes wearing Brad Johnson jerseys.

Vikings fans: “How dare you cheer for your obviously superior team! How dare you! Skol Vikings! INFERIORITY COMPLEX!!! MRAHH!!

Tampa fan: [says something unintelligible like Mush Mouth]

Vikings fans: MRAH!! My father violated me last night while I slept! I am angry! MRAHHH!! Skol Vikings! HORMEL CHILI!!!

This goes on for a while until the crowd starts with the “asshole” chant and security shows up and accosts the guy.

How dare you like a team that isn’t the Vikings!