Would You Rather

We know you’ll be waiting with bated breath for us to tear into the Green Bay Packers after tonight’s game, call Mike McCarthy a buffoon, tell the offensive linemen they wear little girl panties, etc.

Well, something more important came up, so we’ll be delayed in letting the expletives fly. Make no mistake though, the expletives will fly, just later than usual.

Tonight is the premier of Would You Rather, a film written by our own Steffen Schlachtenhaufen, who you may remember from such Total Packers gems as “Get to Know a Viking.” See here, here and here.

You see, he was not held back by the confines of our stupidity. He went out and achieved anyway.

Therefore, we will be in downtown LA this evening indirectly sharing in his glory. When we return home, we’ll feed you rabid dogs exactly what you want.

In the meantime, watch the trailer and catch the movie if it happens to come to a theater near you.