Lance Easley

We’ve got plenty to bitch about right now and frankly, we’re done bitching about what a bitch former replacement ref Lance Easley is. The guy wanted to be paid to discuss how he bungled the final play of the Green Bay Packers loss to the Seattle Seahawks and more or less singlehandedly ended the referee lockout. Well, TODAY stepped up to the plate and got the interview with the guy we wished would drop off the face of the planet.

Guess what he said. Yeah, he made the right call.

“Yes,’’ Easley said. “Until they change the rule, I can’t do anything about the call.’’

Then he blamed the players.

“(I) wish the players would’ve batted the ball out of bounds and not have the play happen,’’ he said.

And then he said he didn’t end the lockout.

“I think (the lockout) was pretty much resolved before that issue,’’ Easley said. “It kind of was an exclamation point on the whole deal. The controversy (was) on a play that’s never happened in the history of the NFL. You can go back to the archives. You will not find that play.’’

Now, if we’re all lucky Easley will go away for good.