Steven Jackson

The NFL’s trade deadline is this week (it was moved back from Tuesday to Thursday because of Hurricane Sandy) and the Green Bay Packers are reportedly looking to make a move — for St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson.

This isn’t the first time the Packers have been connected to Jackson, who seems to be taking a back seat to rookie Daryl Richardson, but that doesn’t mean a move is imminent.

Dallas, Arizona and Pittsburgh are also reportedly interested in the 29-year-old. The one thing that is for sure is the Rams are looking to move on.

Both Jackson and the Rams have mutually agreed to let him opt out of his contract after the season.

We’re not really sure the move would make sense for the Packers, since no one can open a hole for Alex Green. Then again, Jackson is a bruiser who can break tackles and that’s obviously what you need when your back is always getting hit in the backfield. Cedric Benson, who also fits that mold, was effective before going down with a foot injury.

The question then turns to how much Jackson has left. He’s had more than 1,000 yards in seven straight seasons. He has 403 so far this season and is averaging 3.7 per carry. So the evidence suggests Jackson has some left in the tank.

It’s hard to see Ted Thompson paying much for a guy who might only be with the team for half a season though.