Nick Perry hit on Andrew Luck

Here’s what it’s come to in the NFL. Their buttholes are so tightly clenched about protecting the quarterback, they’re fining guys for legal hits. Green Bay Packers rookie Nick Perry is $15,000 poorer because of it.

Perry was fined for hitting Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck “with the crown of his helmet” on Sunday. Problem is, Perry didn’t hit Luck with the crown. He hit him with the face of his helmet, which is technically still legal (probably right up until the NFL decides you can only try to blow the quarterback over).

On the play in question, Perry crushed Luck, causing a fumble that the Packers recovered. Enter referee Walt Anderson, who tossed a flag for unnecessary roughness and gave the ball back to the Colts, plus 15.

Anderson made the crown of the helmet ruling.

The NFL could have looked at the play, decided the crown of the helmet call was borderline at best (it was) and not fined Perry. Instead, they went the other way, sending the message that, “Hey, stop trying to hit people so hard, you jerk.”

Next time Perry has a clear shot at the quarterback, we bet he pulls up. Maybe he misses the sack or doesn’t cause a turnover because of it, which is swell for the Packers.

Thanks NFL!