Jared Allen fucks sheep

We were actually getting worried and we were certainly getting tired, but last night helped renew our faith — our faith that the Minnesota Vikings and their fucktard fans still suck.

We were worried because the pond scum of the NFL had actually gotten off to a 5-2 start, while the Packers were sitting at 4-3. I mean, what is this, Bizarro World?

We were getting tired because Hormel Chili-eating sloths with single-digit IQs wearing sheep-fucker Jared Allen jerseys were coming out of the woodwork offering up their ignorant opinions about how the Vikings are back and are going to kick the Green Bay Packers ass this year.

Then the Vikings went out and got thumped by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 36-17, at home no less, on Thursday night football. They’ve now dropped two of their last three.

Oh, and the aforementioned sheep fucker also got into a fight, which is what most of the meatheads in Minneapolis where doing last night… at least the ones who weren’t beating their wives.

So here’s to another Minnesota Vikings loss. We hope there are many more yet to come!

Jared Allen likes little boys