The Green Bay Packers haven’t looked in Donald Driver‘s direction much this year. Driver says he’s alright with that as long as the team is winning.

Driver, who has only two catches on the season and is rarely seen on the field, talked to Ian Rapoport about his diminished role in the offense, Thursday.

“I’m fine with it,” he said. “Like I’ve always said, as long as we’re winning games, I’m OK. And that’s the biggest thing with me.”

So, are they Packers winning games right now?

Well, they’re 2-2. Although that mark should be 3-1, a .500 record isn’t exactly what we’d call “winning.”

So if the Packers don’t pull themselves out of mediocrity (which, make no mistake, is exactly where they are right now) is Driver going to start bitching and moaning about not getting the ball?

Winning, as they say, masks the problems.

We doubt Driver is going to make waves, but he’s clearly a malcontent on some level. If things start going bad for the Packers, they could end up going real bad. You know damn well if Driver starts bitching, Jermichael Finley will find a reason to start bitching. Once the complaining and finger pointing starts, chemistry goes right out the window.

Frankly, if that happens, the Packers will get exactly what they deserve.

They knew they were going to phase Driver out of the offense. We all did. They brought him back anyway, instead of giving a roster spot to, say, Diondre Borel.

Would have been a bad PR move to release Driver after he won that dancing program, you see?

So, you get what you deserve.

Like he always has, Driver is handling the situation with class, though. At least so far…